Lesson Policies

Taylor Flute Studio Policies Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

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Every student learns differently. The important part is to stay curious –don’t hesitate to ask a question or write me an email when you want to know something. If you find your learning is not progressing like you want, we simply change course. Stay positive!


ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES: Please come to your lesson 5 minutes early. If you have a parent picking/dropping you off, please make sure they do so promptly. Parents are welcome inside during the lesson.
ABSENCES: You must give me 24 hours notice in advance if you plan to reschedule or cancel your lesson. If you do not do so, payment will be required/applied for the missed lesson in most instances.
MAKE-UP LESSONS: Students are allowed to make up lessons if 24 hours notice is given. If the student reschedules more than 3 times consecutively, payment will be expected in the form of tuition (pay in advance). If I have a cancellation, a make-up lesson will be scheduled according to the student’s and teacher’s schedule. Students will not be charged for the lessons cancelled by the teacher.


Bring lesson materials (flute, pencil, all music, notebook) to all lessons.
To purchase and use a metronome, tuner, cleaning rod, and cleaning cloth.
Maintain and care for your instrument on a daily basis.
Have fun and keep an open mind and positive attitude.
Maintain weekly practice log, journal, or notebook (don’t worry, we’ll work through this one!)


Provide a weekly lesson.
Cancel lessons by phone and email with 24-hour advance notice.
Utilize the finest teaching methods, materials, music, and literature available.
Provide a solid and comprehensive musical understanding.
Foster a love of music through fun, humor, discipline, understanding, and positive reinforcement.
Forge and nurture a connection with each student and work in each student’s best interest.
Acknowledge and praise students’ individual strengths and adjust teaching style accordingly.
Provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere that encourages growth and exploration.
Help students to develop life skills such as self-discipline, responsibility, and self-esteem through their study of music.
Prepare the student for auditions, contests, and performances.
Publicize concerts, events, and opportunities related to students’ musical studies.
Help students to grow as musicians and as people, keeping musical goals integrated with human goals.


In most years I provide around 4-5 performance opportunities outside of lessons. I believe it is important to share your musical abilities with the community! Performance also serves as a motivator for practice. Performance opportunities include Raleigh Flute Association Events (Solo and Ensemble, Contest and Review) studio recitals, and group workshops. Repertoire will be chosen in advance for all performances. Students are responsible for accompaniment fees that are associated with extra performances. See attached form and paper for more information.


Payment options:
Payment is due the first week of each month.
An invoice is sent home the last weekend of every month for you to pay.

See late fee and payment options for more details.
Payment can be paid per semester.
Payment for an entire semester of lessons is an option if you prefer to save checks or not worry.
If you are to pay for full semester, any missed lessons (up to 6) will be rescheduled at a different time. Please see policies (II. heading) for more details about makeup lessons.

Payment Options
I am now offering payment by cash, check or paypal

Schedule for Fall

*Lessons begin the week of Monday, August 27th
Monday 3 – Labor Day

Tuesday 6 – Election Day
Thursday 8 – Lindsey Jacob Concert @UNCW
Friday and Saturday 9-10 – Raleigh Flute Fair
Tuesday 21 – Sunday, 25 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Saturday 1 -2 – Nutcracker Performance at Wilson Center
Tuesday 4 – Fall Performance @ FHGES
Christmas Break Tuesday, 18th through Wednesday, January 2nd

Lessons resume Wednesday, the 2nd
Mock All District Auditions – First Week of January (TBA)
Monday 21 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday 15 – 22nd – Spring Break, lessons resume on April 23rd

Tuesday 23 – Spring Recital at Ogden Baptist Church
Monday 27 – Memorial Day

Monday 3 – Last week of Spring 2018 lessons

Please remember to send your conflict days ASAP. Allow 24 hours notice for cancellations.